ZU1205WS / ZU1206WS
ZU1205WS / ZU1206WS Basic - Water Cooled Mitsui Seiki Air Compressors - Oil Free Puchong, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia. Supplier, Suppliers, Supplies, Supply | ST Service & Trading Sdn Bhd / ST M&E Prudence Sdn Bhd
- The environmentally friendly water lubrication compressor without using oil at all (ideal for ISO 14000).
- In addition to the direct-coupled driving, thanks to the water lubrication system in which the water performs lubrication, sealing and cooling, the efficiency is further enhanced to the highest in its class, thus saving the maintenance work.
- Low noise, less vibration, slower rotation, and low temperature.
- Optimum for plants and large-scale factories.

Items Unit Details
Power frequency Hz 50 (ZU1205WS)
60 (ZU1206WS)
Power supply voltage V 380 / 400 / 415 (ZU1205WS)
380 / 400 / 440 (ZU1206WS)
Free air delivery (0.7MPa) m3/min 21.3 (ZU1205WS)
20.8 (ZU1206WS)
Delivered air pressure MPa 0.7
Pressure control method - Saving energy A.U.C.S & auto. Start & stop selection
Intake air pressure & temperature - Atmospheric pressure (2 to 40°C)
Discharge air temp. °C Less than cooling water intake temp., + 15°C
Main motor power kW 120
Motor type - Three-phase-squirrel-cage, 2P totally enclosed external fan
Starter - Automatic star-delta
Drive system - Direct coupled motor
Cooling system - Water cooled
Fan motor power kW 0.15 (ZU1205WS)
0.22 (ZU1206WS)
Lubrication water amount 135
Cooling water amount /min 300
Dryer Air dew point at outlet °C -
Refrigerant kW -
Discharge pipe diameter - 3flange
Dimension,L×W×H (body) mm -
Total mass(dry state) kg [ 2195 ]
Noise level [OP1.5m] dB·A 70
Dimension,L×W×H (body)[without dryer] mm 2490 × 1200 × 1800

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